Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"I'm back" & "I'm gone"

Wahh... It's more than a month since the last post. Haha. Didn't update the blog for such a long time without noticing it. Hehe. What keep me from updating this blog? Study hard for final exam which started from 6th Oct until 13th Oct? Well... that wasn't what I did. All I did were gaming, watching anime and other stuffs that were not related to studies. Just barely study for final exam at the last minute.(Hope I won't get very very bad results.)

I think that there will be no other post after this for a moment as I'm having my holiday from 20th Oct to 9th Nov. During the time, I might be gaming again. Play PS2 for the whole time or online game, Nostale. Haha. For PS2, I have thought to play the games that I haven't completed. The games that are in my mind now are Mana Khemia, Atelier Iris 3, P3 FES and... . I'm going to try out the new Dynasty Warrior also. Well, till then.