Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still In "Down" Period

Still haven't recover from "Down" period although it have been more than half a year. Have no idea when and how it get started. Having negative thoughts most of the time. Feeling lost. All the things that supposed to be done were not done. Can't get myself motivated to do anything. How long I have to be in this state? How am I able to get myself out of this? How come I feel no more fun in this world? Feel like there's nothing that can make me interested and excited anymore. There's nothing remain other than the empty shell of a shape of human, a breathing empty shell. Sometimes, I really afraid to wake up from sleep. When I'm awake, all those negative thoughts come haunting me again.

Going to have my final exam for this semester on 19th and 20th May. But I'm still wavering around. I have no idea about what I have done all these time. Supposedly, I should be studying by now. But somehow I'm here writing nonsenses in my blog, which I had neglected for a long period. Really hope somehow I'm able to get myself motivated to study.