Saturday, September 13, 2008

MMU Cyber funny punya story( just for fun~~~~)

An email I recieved from my friend talking about MMU Cyberjaya. The content is as below:

MMU Cyber funny punya story( just for fun~~~~)

FOM buiding is big and dusty
Nice to see from the outside but cacat from the inside
The floor will be very watery after raining
You can learn how to drift with your kaki

FIT building has one mini grand hall
Transparent glass + good air con service
A lot of girls learn Yoga di sini
A lot of guys will pass by accidently

FOE buiding is a good place to keep fit
Air con service can help you to be more skinny
Fatties can keep fit for free
Skinny people like me will become mummy

FCM building is a good place to play hide and seek
the cafe tauke is so greedy
one chicken + vege + rice must be 4ringgit
also have to see him happy or not happy

Cafeteria beside the library has a lot of food that you can eat
you can't find any place has more flies compare with sini
chef here try hard to cook the food to be more tasty
but the flies oso try hard to 'pang sai' n pee

Swimming pool here is still new and pretty
but you have 2 pay Rm1 per entry
boys and girls cannot kongsi
all the guys are not happy
only the jaga laugh like crazy

MMU Cyber has a lot of trees
is an ideal place to live for uncle n aunty
every morning got people to play taichi
every nite oso got people to go for jogging
sometimes you can hear people shouting
thier mind stuck or because they cannot pee?
i only know i can't get a good sleep because of these monkeys

If you live in hostel you better pray harder
can you live without water and electricity?
sometimes your door can't open and you have to find axe to 'hantam' kasi jadi
hostel admin always say they will settle until the mosquito also sleeping

If you live in Cyberia then you are lucky
you will be healthier because you walk like crazy
the road to there is so gelap and scarry at night
a romantic place for couples and robbers.

No doubt MMU got leng lui
but those International student easily can let you 'si'
mangali also looks like Bollywood celebrity
Malaysian guys how to find girl friend di sini?

MMU also got leng chai
but leng chai here are Otaku
they like thier online games / anime more than anything
they dunno who is Jessica Alba but Nana or Dota is their honey

Drivers here are well manners and friendly
they are lovely darling that should be awarded a kiss
they will wait for you to cross the zebra line patiently
unlike drivers in KL all so 'kia shu' and 'kia si'.

MMU is a good place to study
juz that the academic fees are scarry
you have to call PTPTN as your daddy
and JPA or Yayasan can be your mummy.

Lecturers here are good and pretty
especially the Hanae Nakamura who teach Japanese language
too bad she is married and got people saw her walking with her little cutie son happily.
a lot of guy's heart break because of this.

I swear everything from the above is truth and no cheating
please don't sue me because i 'kia si'
MMU Boleh & Malaysia Boleh!

Monday, September 8, 2008

7 months old

Time passed so fast. In a blink of eye, this new-born family is already 7 months old. In these pass 7 months, quite many things happened, good and bad stuffs. Although it's only 7 months, I feel like I have been in this family for years. This family means a lot and special to me. Different people from different places, family backgrounds, etc. formed this family while continue their objective of life(maybe will be graduating from MMU for now).

Each of the members has their own personalities and specialities. I feel lucky to be one of the members of this family. There are always laugh in this family. I'm happy that I'm able to meet and get to know each of the members as I learned a lot of things from them.

I hope that this family will continue forever(which is not possible). If the day for us to say goodbye to each other comes, I hope that each of us can remember the memories that we had together for the rest of our life and keep in touch.