Friday, January 9, 2009

9th Jan 2009

Finally, final exams are over for me. For some of the students, probably their last paper will be on 11th Jan. Somehow, this time I didn’t feel excited about the 3 weeks holiday. For the previous holidays, I would always imagine what to do during the holiday and feel excited about it before the holiday is around the corner. But I don’t feel that way this time. Probably this is because of all the unhappy stuffs happened on me and also the people around me.

One of the unhappy stuffs is related to E107B. All the housemates except Nath are going to move. I’m also the one of them. At first, I never thought of this to happen. One of the reasons is that the owner of the house is going to increase the rental from RM1500 to RM1800. The moment the housemates decided to move out, somehow I feel unhappy. I never thought that the moment we stay together will end so soon. Even though, we have been staying together for almost a year, I feel that we have just staying together for a couple of months. Today, I will be finishing up the packing all my stuff. The next time I come to E107B will be just taking all my stuff after my new accommodation is confirmed. Nath faced quite a serious problem. 7 of his future housemates pulled out from E107B at the last minute, the moment the agreement is almost to be signed.(Hope Nath will solve this problem ASAP.)

I have been wondering. All those unhappy stuffs, are they related to my problematic personality? I have caused the people around me to worry about me. Here, I would like to thank them for concerning about me and sorry for worrying about me. At the last, I was the one who make others worry. Will it be fine for me to stay with my new housemate? I’m just afraid I might bring more problems to them. Sad Christmas, sad Awal Murharram and sad New Year. Soon it will be Chinese New Year and my 22nd birthday, will it will be still a sad one? Hope all those unhappy stuffs will be gone in a short time.